Our sustainable approach

Hand-drawn and annotated sketches of women wearing a maxi dress and a swimsuit
Close up of a smiling woman artisan carrying a pile of hand-woven fabrics

Empower artisans

We partner with an ethical artisan workshop in Ethiopia:

- 200+ jobs created

- Safe & inclusive workplaces

- Fair, living wages and benefits. Worker rights and social protections. Transparent & accountable business practices.

Preserve craftsmanship

We promote African design and craftsmanship, elevating traditional Ethiopian handweaving:

- Made from by hand from start to finish

- Cotton spun into fine yarns. Woven on handlooms by master weavers

- Upholding the heritage, passing weaving tradition across the generations

- Unique signature Tibeb design patterns

Yellow fabric being hand-woven on a loom with shuttles
Infographics of a tree representing lemlem sustainable approach with packaging, materials and upcycling

Protect the environment

We source and produce responsibly to reduce our footprint. As much as possible we choose: natural fibers, certified suppliers, small batch collections, and design & production steps to cut and repurpose waste.