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lemlem x The Woolmark Company

lemlem has partnered with The Woolmark Company to create a travel-inspired collection, hand-woven in Ethiopia from Australian Merino wool. 
Woolmark worked with the lemlem Foundation to deliver a masterclass with women weavers, where they were taught about the benefits of wool and its weaving methods in order to diversify their skills and further their professional development.
Some of the main benefits of Merino wool include the fact that it is 100% Natural, Biodegradable, and Renewable, it has natural breathability, as an active fiber it reacts to changes in body temperature, and it is soft on the skin. 
Each lemlem x Woolmark garment will include a small NFC chip, allowing consumers to trace their garment from the source of the fibre in Australia - to the spinner in Italy - all the way to Ethiopia to meet the artisans who craft the collection.
“The soul of lemlem definitely shines through - the silhouettes and patterns are recognizably lemlem while the wool adds nice drape, softness and comfort, and offers our customers a special new perspective, to see them through their travels from the airport, to their plane seat and final destination.” 
- Liya Kebede
Hani Poncho Wrap
Hani Rustic Blouse
Hani Tie Belt Lounge Pants
Layla Blanket Poncho
Layla Poncho Wrap
Hani Rustic Blouse
Layla Tie Belt Lounge Pants