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Kelemi Collection

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Kelemi Linen

Polished, yet relaxed. Refined, yet casual. Soft, yet structured. This season we set out to find an everyday fabric that is versatile, minimal, chic and effortless – all at the same time. This search led us to a study in contrasts and it is in these contrasts that we created the most intriguing yet accomplished new linen collection. 

Crafted from European Flax Linen, and a hint of tencel, our Kelemi Collection is elegance redefined. Its clean lines, and soft structure make it the perfect everyday warm weather wardrobe staple. We chose this nuanced blend because of its softness, weight, opacity,  fluidity, and versatility.  

This Spring and Summer fabric promises a polished-yet-relaxed vibe, perfect for day or night.  This simplicity of solid color and sleek silhouettes embody the epitome of effortless chic. This nuanced linen blend also reduces the wrinkle tendency of 100% linen. It is also easier to care for and softer to wear.

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