Enrico's Pastry Shop - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

On a nondescript but bustling street near the Piassa section of Addis Ababa sits an incredible little pastry shop called Enrico's. An old favorite of Liya's, it has become our go-to place for a sweet treat and a delicious macchiato in Addis Ababa. The coffee in Ethiopia is of course exceptional - strong and smokey - but the Italian style cakes are the main attraction here. Layers upon layers of flakey puff pastry filled with sweet and creamy custard, they are bought by the container-full by loyal take-away customers, or nibbled on by stylish customers at the little tables populating the cafe. And our favorite detail - the old school plastic tokens you need to pay at the cash register in order to secure your treat. It's a complete throw back to the 70s, in the best possible way, and we love it!
Enrico's Pastry Shop, Near Piassa, ask your taxi driver, he'll know.